We’re All About Attainable Health

We believe in helping our clients reach their goals through proper nutrition!

Our Story

LunaFit Fresh is dedicated to helping our clients reach their goals, whether it’s saving time, losing weight, or improving your
health and fitness, we want to remove the obstacles for you! Meal prepping can be very time consuming, and the food can
be repetitive. With our weekly menu items, you can always have a variety of meals that are fresh, delicious, and healthy with
no stress and no mess.

Our Team

Ariana Hakman Read more

Ariana Hakman

Owner and Chief Operating Officer

Ariana has had a passion for nutrition, fitness, and health since college, learning about proper nutrition and working out most of her adult life.
After graduating from Pacific Union College and obtaining her MBA, Ariana worked in corporate finance in the healthcare industry for over 12 years, during that time she also joined the employee health initiative, touring the Central Florida locations educating on nutrition and movement.
Following the birth of her daughter Luna in 2014, she wanted to do something more meaningful with her life and moved from corporate leader to entrepreneur, starting a health and wellness business called LunaFit. Since that time it has grown into a thriving fitness community including the gym she opened with her husband Rich in Altamonte Springs in 2016.
Since nutrition has been such a large part of what LunaFit teaches their clients there has been an ongoing need for fresh, healthy, macro friendly meal prep, and LunaFit Fresh was born.

Holvens Pierre-Louis Read more

Holvens Pierre-Louis

Owner and Kitchen Manager

Hov was raised in Central Florida and has become a health and fitness icon in the community through his own weight loss journey.
After working in the restaurant industry and as a supervisor of the meat and seafood department of a large grocer for 10 years, Hov decided it was time to change his lifestyle to improve his quality of life and be healthy for his kids. He lost 120 pounds, and through people seeing his journey and wanting to join him, made a career change to the personal training industry. Hov has helped over 200 clients with their own personal health and fitness journey by teaching them about exercise and proper nutrition.

Hov has a passion for clients and realized that the lack of time and energy to meal prep holds many of them back from getting the results they are looking for. He is very excited to bring LunaFit Fresh to the community that he loves.